Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We made it

Ah Neh( This is what we call my grand-mother )'s birthday is coming soon. Its her 70th birthday, so my mother decided to celebrate it with a party.

We wanted to make it a special one, so all of our family members took a part in the preparation of this party. The adults ordered caterers, hired some people to put up shades beside our house and a lot of other things. We children on the other hand, were assigned to make a nice video featuring our grand-mother. This decision was made quite suddenly so we had to work very hard to get it all together.

The shades are now all set and ready to be used. The video(I am very proud of every single second of it) is also looking very good. We plan to make this an unforgettable celebration for my grand-mother.

The video is in mandarin. It has small comments and some editing from us grand-kids to make the old pictures clearer.

Here it is:

This video holds the pride of our family. The main character in every picture is the very soul of our family. I dedicate this video to my most beloved grand-mother.


Swee said...

Excellent work!!!!! She must be so thrilled and love it: )

shelley said...