Friday, September 10, 2010


Finally, the party is over. It was a very long and tiring party. I was the MC of the day. We invited a lot of people to the party. Some neighbours, my grand-mother's friends, and our family.

At 3 o'clock, the caterers arrived. they started setting up the tables, chairs, and the stage. It was a lot of work. The setting up took about two hours and with the help of our family, every thing was ready before 6 o'clock.

The guests started pouring in at about 6.30p.m. . Most of the guests reached our house at around 7.20 and some people seemed hungry. So my mother asked me to announce the party started and ask the guests to start eating. So the guests started eating, singing, chatting, and the party was started.

At about 8.30, I asked to cut in the party to put on our video. The video I posted in the last post. The video was a total hit! The guests were clapping their hands off while they watched the video. After that, all of us that gave a hand in the party went on stage to sing my grand-mother a birthday song and my grand-mother cut her cake. The guests gave a loud applause.

The guests continued on with the party after my show and they partied until late midnight. Now, I finally have the time to rest and write this post.


Swee said...

Wonderful works. :) Seems like everyone having GREAT TIME, especially your grandma :)