Thursday, November 18, 2010

End Of Year 2010

The date is November 19. The end of the year is drawing near. One more month to go, and it will be a new start. The start of my high-school life. But some things never change. Not yet, anyway. The same school, same teachers, same school-rules. But some things change. New faces will come next year. New friends, new goals and new hopes will come next year.

I have looked forward to this holiday while I was taking my tests earlier this year. But now, It seemed like another hell. The feeling or boredom always creeps up to me. I hardly have any mind to do anything. I turn on the computer every day. With the internet, I am able to access many things with a few clicks. But, there is nothing to catch my interest. Not even games.

I thought hard for a way out of this uncomfortable feeling. And at last, I found it. I realised that in order to keep myself from feeling bored, I could make myself busy. But busy playing games will not help in any way, so I thought about doing other things.

I decided I would make some preparations for next year. Head-starts on my studies, more physical exercise to help in my society next year, and many other stuff. Just to keep me busy. Going out with friends is also on the list. Which is why I have become more out-going these days.

The end of the year 2010 draws to an end. Slowly, the curtains are closing down hiding the actors of life to get ready for the next show. The show titled "Year 2011" .